the visual approach

In my YouTube channel  "Music Tech Explained - The Visual Approach", I provide instructional videos about various topics of Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, and audio production workflows in general. Similar to my best-selling book series "Graphically Enhanced Manuals", my videos are enriched with additional graphics and diagrams to help explain those topics.

Using motions-graphics and illustrations, these videos, produced in 4K resolution, are easy to follow and fun to watch while still packed with lots of information that is often not found anywhere else.

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Introduction Video

Logic Pro X - The Library Window (part 1)

(part 2)

Logic Pro X - Use the Trackpad

Logic Pro X with VCV Rack

Logic Pro X - 10.4.2 UPDATE

Logic Pro X  DeEsser 2

Logic Pro X - 10.4.5 UPDATE


Music Tech Explained - Use it with Audio Applications

Logic Pro X - What's New in 10.5 (Part 1)

Logic Pro X - What's New in 10.5 (Part 2)

Logic Pro X - Secret Mouse Clicks

Logic Pro X - Master Track Mystery

Logic Pro - What's New in 10.6

Pro Tools - Best Tips #1

Mixing in Dolby Atmos - How it Works

Logic Pro - What's New in 10.7

Logic Pro - What's New in 10.7.3

Logic Pro - What's New in 10.7.5

Logic Pro for iPad

Logic Pro - What's New in 10.7.8